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About Huachen

Jiangsu Huachen Transformer Co., Ltd. (famous transformer manufacturer) was established in June 2007. It is specialized in dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, power transformers, high and low voltage switchgear, energy-saving transformers, box-type substations, photovoltaic boxes and A high-tech enterprise integrating production, manufacturing, …
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  • Company Vision

    Committed to become a leading transformer manufacturer in the transformer industry

  • Company Mission

    Provide safe, reliable, energy-saving and intelligent dry-type transformer power equipment

  • Quality policy

    Quality, integrity, innovation, customer satisfaction

Value leads a win-win future

With the domestic advanced transformer production technology and testing equipment, in accordance with the
operating standards of the ISO9000 quality certification system, the products have passed the National Electrical
Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and obtained the registration model registration certificate;

Real-time information

In the future development, the company will continue to provide modern transformers and business ideas as the guide, provide transformer common faults, dry-type transformer models, oil-immersed transformer prices and other transformer information for sustainable development and mutual benefit and win-win goals, will continue We will expand the production scale of enterprises, improve the quality of products, and actively strive to make the company continue to develop in the direction of scale and intensification.

  • Quality assurance period

    If the transformer has quality problems, it will be replaced free of charge within one year, three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

  • Lifetime paid warranty

    If the purchased transformer or dry-type transformer has exceeded the warranty period during operation, the components and accessories are damaged. The company will provide it to you. You will pay a certain cost and send a professional to replace the installation service.

  • Provide professional technical support

    When the transformer product is delivered, the company can send full-time technical personnel to track the on-site service. When the product is unpacked, the appearance and quantity of the product will be inspected and accepted by your technical personnel.

  • Emergency repair response time is fast

    During the warranty period of the transformer, if the oil-immersed transformer and its accessories fail, the company shall reply the handling method within 4 hours after receiving the telephone or fax complaint from the user, and the service personnel will arrive at the scene for maintenance within 24 hours.

Consultation Service

Thank you for coming to our company's official website. If you are interested in our products, or would like to consult the company related questions, please leave a message for us, we will reply and serve you as soon as possible.

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